Platelet Rich Plasma – PRP

Regenerative Cell Therapy (RSCT)/Platelet Rich Plasma injections or PRP Injections provided by True Wellness Integrated Medicine offers an alternative to spinal and joint surgery to heal the recurring joint, neck, and back pain and various spinal conditions that many suffer from. PRP Therapy has proven to have remarkable results for the reduction of pain due to arthritis, such as for arthritis knees. While other physicians may recommend steroid injections or surgery as the only solution for back and arthritis pain relief, platelet rich plasma injections, also known as PRP therapy, can help people follow an alternative road for spinal injury rehabilitation that doesn’t involve surgery.

PRP Therapy has proven to have great results for patients with the following conditions:

• Arthritis Pain
• Back Pain
• Joint Pain
• Spinal Injuries

Our PRP Therapy Program is designed to obtain the best possible outcomes. Our PRP harvesting protocol achieves higher concentrations of Platelets due to our “Double Centrifugation” technique. We combine our PRP Therapy Injections with “Electro-Pulse Cell Activation” Therapy that has demonstrated an increase in cell proliferation and activation to damaged tissues.

Dynamic incorporates platelet rich plasma injections and PRP therapy into their overall care plan for those seeking joint and back pain relief. Our pain management staff provides an assessment to help each individual become educated on the long-term health benefits from PRP therapy and platelet rich plasma injections. It is important to pinpoint the actual root of the problem in order to determine a plan to increase the quality of living, minimize future pain and eliminate the stressors and prolonged recovery time often associated with surgery.

By incorporating PRP injections as a non-surgical alternative for back pain relief, we can offer a quality of treatment for you to reconstruct tissue and strengthen bodies without surgery or medical prescriptions. By taking advantage of this alternative of using back pain injections, treatment can be less intimidating and invasive and more conducive with the overall wellness of a person’s daily living.

How Platelets Help Our Bodies

Platelet structures are fragments of cells that contain proteins necessary to help seal broken blood vessels. These include: adult stem cells, signal proteins, collagen matrix, and 6 different growth factors. In an injury, it is the platelet mixture and concentrate that respond first to help prevent bleeding. Their purpose is to implement tissue repair and prevent further injury to the body.

Because the natural healing factors of platelets are to restore order within the body, concentrating these healing efforts towards the specific areas of injury by implementing PRP injections boosts the recovery process. With PRP, platelet rich plasma injections, the concentrated platelets target the injured area of the body to immediately begin the strengthening and healing of the damage sustained. PRP therapy and platelet rich plasma injections have been introduced as a leading viable option for patients looking for an alternative to surgery. It only makes sense to benefit from a natural healer already produced in our bodies as means to reduce pain and stress within our bodies as well as to increase improved daily activity and overall wellness benefits for the future.

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