Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

If you are bothered by burning pain, or a tingling “pins and needles” numbness in one or both of your hands, the chances are good that you are feeling the effects of a condition physicians refer to as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (familiarly CTS). Luckily, there are many treatment options available for Chattanooga carpal tunnel sufferers.

Treament for Chattanooga Carpal Tunnel Sufferers

Carpal tunnel traction uses a lightweight and portable device to achieve non-surgical relief from carpal tunnel syndrome. The device employs a controlled traction across the affected wrist combining elongation, positioning and decompression of the carpal tunnel to provide relief. The traction device can be used at home or at work, generally for 10-minute periods, making it easy to incorporate into daily life. There are many things carpal tunnel sufferers can do without having to resort to long-term use of medications or surgery.

True Wellness Integrated Medicine is the go-to facility for Chattanooga carpal tunnel sufferers. Our expert staff of pain relief professionals will schedule a consultation to get to know you one-on-one and assess your specific, individual needs. Each carpal tunnel patient will then receive a personalized treatment plan that is crafted to address their carpal tunnel in the best, most effective way. Our team is welcoming, inviting, and makes sure that you leave each visit satisfied with the steps you’re taking to regain your quality of life. If you’re a carpal tunnel sufferer, contact the professionals at True Wellness Integrated Medicine today to schedule a consultation to further discuss your treatment options.

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