Back Pain

The most effective approach to low back pain is an integrated medical approach.

The True Wellness Integrated Medical team has created a unique and effective program that safely treats the cause of your condition.

Traditionally, surgery, pain medications and physical therapy have been the treatments employed by doctors to address problems involving the spine. The complications from back surgery can be severe and may result in permanent debilitating conditions which can severely impact a patient’s overall quality of life.

Surgery can be very risky and extremely expensive. Pain medications can make it difficult for a person to carry on with normal day-to-day activities and does nothing to correct the cause of the condition. Physical dependency on those drugs is also another very real concern. The risks for painkiller addiction cause many back pain sufferers to seek alternative treatments for their overwhelming symptoms.

While physical therapy can sometimes offer temporary relief for back pain symptoms, most patients observe that the actual benefits were marginal at best.

At True Wellness Integrated Medicine, our treatments are not merely quick fixes. Instead, we work to assess the root causes of back pains. This helps us understand each patient’s individual needs to craft an ideal, individualized treatment. To learn more about how we can help you reduce or even eliminate your back pain, contact us today at (423) 475-6438!

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